1. Best Feature Film
2. Best Documentary Film
3. Best Animation Film
4. Best Short Film
5. Best Short Documentary Film
6. Best Short Animation Film
7.Best Short Student Film
8. Best Director
9. Best Newcomer
10.Best Screenplay
11. Best Adapted Screenplay
12. Best Actor
13. Best Actress
14. Best Supporting Actor
15. Best Supporting Actress
16. Best Cinematography
17. Best Film Editing
18. Best Original Score
19. Best Production Design
20. Best Costume Design
21. Best Sound (recognizing the Sound Recordist, Sound Engineer/Designer and/or the Sound Mixer)
22. Best Make-up, Hairstyling and Special Effects (for special effects make-up applied on the actors’ face and body –  recognizing the Make-up Artist and/or Hairstylist and/or the Special Effects Make-up Artist)
23. Best Special & Visual Effects (for special effects that are not applied on the actors’ body & face – recognizing the Special Effects Designer and/or the Visual Effects Designer)
24. Best Greek Minority Co-production Film (recognizing the Greek Producer)

The Hellenic Film Academy’s new Statuette was redesigned in late 2014 by Stavros Taktikos and Evangelia Mourtzi, after winning first place in a student contest held at the Athens School of Fine Arts for this specific purpose.