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MOTHERLAND I SEE YOU, Athens Epidavrus Film Festival

MOTHERLAND I SEE YOU, an initiative by the Hellenic Film Academy, will premiere as part of the Athens Epidaurus Festival. It includes eleven iconic films, from September 11 to 15.

Motherland, I See You @ the Greek Film Archive, part I

MOTHERLAND I SEE YOU screenings provide a thrilling journey through the space and time of Greek cinema and its varied forms, with new digital prints, the majority of which have been restored for the purposes of the initiative, English subtitles, and free admission* for the public. Films ranging from Dimitris Gaziadis' bucolic epic (Astero, 1929) to Nikos Nicolaides' post-apocalyptic cinema (Morning Patrol, 1987) are featured in a tightly-knit program that brings together cinematic genres, generations, groups of creators, social struggles, and the always relevant women's rights issue, history, and fiction.


Patriarchy, Matriarchy, #MeToo, 50/50, Cancel Culture, and Greek Cinema.  The five-day film tribute at the Onassis Cultural Centre's Upper Stage begins a discussion about the impact of an entire era. A partnership between the Hellenic Film Academy and the Onassis Cultural Centre as part of the "Cinema, Open" program.

Motherland, I See You @ the Greek Film Archive, Part II

The Acropolis in the 1960s, Santorini in 1968, Athens in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, a country, its people, and its creators across the Fournoi (Ikaria) island complex, America, and Berlin's Kreuzberg. A program without barriers, where fiction replaces documentary, commercially successful films give way to hard-to-find cinematic masterpieces, and political thrillers to tender coming-of-age stories. These and other films will be presented in new digital prints from Thursday, March 31, to Monday, April 4, 2022, with English subtitles and free admission* for the public.

Iris Awards: Nominated Films Screenings

Just before this year's “We are Eros” Iris Awards, the Hellenic Film Academy presents the best Greek films of the year in their natural habitat, the cinema hall. We fall in love with Greek movies all over again from Saturday, May 21 to Wednesday, June 1 at Danaos, Trianon, and Anesis cinemas.